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Diversity Quotient ; Personality Insights Assignment

Diversity Quotient ; Personality Insights - Assignment Example Some of these methods include making sure that people in any organization have a close way of relating during all matters. It is important to keep in mind that diversity is multi-dimensional and so there exists many forms used to determine it. For this reason, various methods should be used to ensure that the quotients acquired are of great accuracy. While analyzing diversity in organizations, existing statistical data regarding turn over could be useful. In the course of analyzing the data, it is possible to zero in on all specific causes of diversity which are addressed every time they are uncovered. In an organization, feedback can be obtained from turnover statistics by ensuring that commonly asked questions have available answers. These questions include data about the gender, ethnicity, and racial breakdown of all turnover percentages. This kind of question can assist in determining the reasons as to why different employees leave the organization and how to retain diverse employees and different organizational associates. Personality can be attributed to an individual’s perspective which can be used to describe their self. For this reason it really difficult to come across people with similar personalities. No matter how similar personalities might appear, there is always a certain way of differentiating them hence gaining differences. Personality insights is about recognizing and responding to different personality types. Understanding ones personality styles has a lot of benefits which might include increased productivity, reduction of stress, personal development, Improvement in team building, unlocking leadership potential and success in relationships. It is essential that all people understand their personalities since a lack of understanding one’s self and probably others may lead into certain problems. These problems could be tension, hurt feelings, unmet expectations, and poor

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Managing Oneself Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managing Oneself - Assignment Example on to that, the writer goes ahead to highlight one of the main reasons for the recognition of one self, is that it aids in the determination of the goals and the expectations of an individual. This can be described as the technique in which an individual compares the outcome of a particular event, decision for this case, with the expectation of an individual. On that note, analysis feedback simply means the determination of the impact of a particular decision with relation to the individual’s goal. The article clearly dictates that the only way in which an individual can learn about oneself is through the use of the feedback analysis technique. Apparently, through the comparison of the expectation of an individual with the decision made regarding a particular issue, one can be able to know one’s values and virtues. Subsequently, this goes a long way in determining the efficiency of an individual in the particular area of expertise. Evidently, this question can be answered after one has critically evaluated his or her strengths among other issues. On that note, the article goes ahead to give an example of the physicians and the mathematicians. Apparently, these areas are highly technical and therefore they require people who are gifted in the area. Notably, there career paths are usually spelt out during their teenage years. On the other hand, there are some areas in which one must first study in order to establish where they belong for instance in business. The decision to make a difference should be made early enough, in other words during the youthful age since it is at this time that an individual has high productivity and the vigor to carry out the required assignment. First and foremost, the ability of one to accept the other people, in simple terms workmates come in handy in the building of responsible relationships. On that note, this helps to foster good working relationship, which goes a long way to boost the communication. Secondly, there is the

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The way Greeks and Romans understood women Essay Example for Free

The way Greeks and Romans understood women Essay In the Ancient World, women were not portrayed as they are today in modern literary works; women usually played controversial roles where their actions ranged from killing their own family to destroying their own town. Women in ancient Greek plays and Roman stories did not posses the social standing that we naturally think of today, many times their only power was to strike back when they were hurt. Medea, Phaedra, and Dido, admirable or dangerous, are among the most complex literary characters of any period. Medea, of Euripides play Medea, represents the destructive quality of possessive desire often portrayed by Greek women. Medea becomes enraged by Jason when he leaves her to be with the daughter of the King of Corinth. She reacts by destroying everything around him. She destroys his new wife, her father the King, and even goes as far as to kill her own two children she had with Jason in order to hurt him. Medea rationalizes her actions by saying if she cannot have Jason, the thing she wants the most in life, then he cannot have the things that matter the most to him in his life. Medea illustrates her nature of possessive desire for Jason with the line, At last I understand that awful deed I am to do; but passion, that cause of direst woes to mortal man, hath triumphed oer my sober thoughts (Euripides 104). From this you can see that Medea is only concerned with herself and her desires as opposed to her famil; she kills her own children to hurt her husband. Like Medea, Euripides writes another play Hippolytous, with a similar character named Phaedra. Phaedra is the wife of Theseus that has become obsessed by an incestuous passion for her stepson, Hippolytus. Phaedra attempts to win over Hippolytus in a love letter. Hippolytus, however, is a follower of Diana, the goddess of chastity and therefore refuses her. Phaedras distraught revenge includes her suicide and his succeeding, undeserved death by his father. In this case, like Medea, Phaedra could not possess her alleged good, her life and his must be sacrifice. Yet another example of this misplaced desire is in Virgils Aeneid with the character of Dido. In Aeneid, Aeneas is persuaded to leave his fate to found Rome and stay with his new found love, Queen Dido of Carthage. By the  intervention of the gods, Hermes and Jove, Aeneas is able to resist Dido and does not marry her but does in fact go on to found Rome. Once again this possessive quality is aptly shown by Hermes, Degenerate man,/Thou womans property (Virgil 166). Dido verifies this and pleas with Aeneas,  had you deferrd, at least, your hasty flight,/And left behind some pledge of our delight,/Some babe to bless the mothers mournful sight,/Some young Aeneas, to supply your place,/Whose features might express his fathers face;/I should no then complain to be left bereft/Of all my husband, or be wholly left (Virgil 168). Obviously Didos love is not actually true love since she is willing to compromise for an alternate Aeneas, whom she will be able to possess more fully be raise him to her satisfaction. Aeneas refuses Dido this as well and she, like Pheadra, burns herself. But as her sister mourns, she points out that Didos death was not a solitary destruction; At one thou hast destroyd thyself and me,/Thy town. Thy senate, and thy colony (Virgil 818)! By destroying her own town, something that she devoted a lot of her life to, she hurt many more people than just herself and Aeneas. In these three works, Medea, Hippolytus, and Aeneid, the female roles defiantly had an agenda. The women were all overwhelmed by love and were blinded by it. Medea, Phadrea, and Dido committed unthinkable crimes in an attempt to cast revenge on the object of their affection. In the end, none of them possessed the man they were longing for, they only ended up hurting themselves and those that supposedly meant the most to them.

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Act two then presents a quarrelsome Edward, as he refuses to perform :: English Literature

Act two then presents a quarrelsome Edward, as he refuses to perform even more kingly duties. Scotland has captured Mortimer What techniques does Marlowe use to engage audience’s interest in the first two acts of the play? Marlowe studied the Bible and the Reformation theologians as well as philosophy and history at Corpus Christi College; Cambridge for six years but instead of continuing and taking holy orders, Marlowe went to London and became a dramatist. He made important friends such as Sir Walter Raleigh. Most of his plays were written in blank verse, with â€Å"Edward II† being no exception. It is a historical tragedy play ad was Marlowe’s last play. Later it inspired playwright and director Bertolt Brecht and Lion Feuchtwanger to write â€Å"Leben Eduards des Zweiten von England† in 1924. â€Å"Edward II† is an intense and swiftly moving account of a king controlled by his basest passions, a weak man who becomes a puppet of his homosexual lover, and pays a tragic price for forsaking the governance of his country. The play is set in early fourteenth-century England, during a period when England was surrounded by enemies in Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, and France. Edward, preoccupied by the banishment of his lover, Gaveston, barely acknowledges the crises that threaten his country; he indulges his passions and forgets about his duties, failing to recognize that his refusal to attend to state affairs is eroding his royal authority. He picks his battles, preferring those petty skirmishes over Gaveston's fate to those that would benefit his rule and enhance the power of the state. â€Å"Edward II† was first performed in 1594, played by the Earl of Pembroke’s Men. The next performance indicates 1617, Queen Elizabeth’s reign. As the country being protestant at this time, parts of the play would be particularly interesting and entertaining when the play was performed, which may not have the same effect nowadays. For example when Gaveston and Edward demonstrate acts of violence towards the king and banish him to be imprisoned in the tower. Entertaining violence towards the Catholics would have been in those days. The first scene opens with Gaveston reading a letter from Edward II, newly crowned sovereign of England after the death of Edward I. Gaveston had been banished from court because of his corrupting influence on the young prince Edward. Now, with the elder Edward out of the way, Edward II is inviting Gaveston to return and share the kingdom with him. In a few quick lines, Gaveston's soliloquy makes clear the homosexual nature of their relationship ("take me in thy arms") as well as the theme of power that runs throughout the play.

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Severe Weather Storms: Hurricanes and Tornadoes

A hurricane is an extremely violent tropical cyclone. The origin of the term Hurricane originates from a Mayan Storm god by the name of Hurakan. He was a Central American idol who believably caused the storms. Years later, the hypothesis of someone creating angry storms has been corrected. It is known that these storms are an act of nature by God’s laws at work. The term hurricane just stuck with the weather condition. Another source states that the origin of the term was derived from a Carib term that means ‘God of Evil. The term is a Spanish word; huracn. The creation of a Hurricane begins as the heat rays from the sun hit the waters of the ocean. This causes evaporation. When it evaporates, the weather is still warm due to the temper of the heat rays. As the saying goes, â€Å"heat rises’, well, so does the moisture/evaporated water from the ocean until it’s cooled down by air pressure. Depending on the next phase of whether or not the cloud continues t o grow or becomes heavily filled with moisture determines the chances of heavy rain, thunderstorms, or a tropical disaster. A tropical disaster is a thunderstorm with cyclonic circulation, which carries winds less than 20 knots’ at least 30mph wind speed. If the situation escalades towards the descriptions of a Hurricane, the NGC (National Hurricane Center) based in Miami, FL triggers its movements and watches. The seasons of watch are primarily summer and fall; due to the heated temperatures. Though these seasons are not the only times of watch, it is monitored year round. If the clouds continued to grow without any form of disturbance, or breaking up within the clouds, it is considered a tropical depression. In a tropical depression, the clouds still move over the ocean which it picks up more moisture and speed of the wind which creates a larger problem called a tropical storm. The winds are tracked at least at 39 mph. The tropical storm is officially considered a hurricane once the speed of the wind increases to 75 mph. The presenting conditions needed for a hurricane is temperature, pressure, volume, and density. If you are to combine these variables into the troposphere at the warm to high levels, you’ll have the storm. But depending on the amounts, one may be more severe or less severe than the other. Step by step, in order for a Hurricane to exist, it needs to have more than an 80 °F temperature in the ocean. This not only gives the hurricane energy, but, it makes the air much more humid due to the evaporated water. While this occurs in the air, the wind is already coming together from different directions forcing the warm air in an upward direction for cooling. These winds begin to spread outward allowing more air to be compacted. The air that has risen creates the storm clouds while the winds from the opposite direction are coming against it counterclockwise rotation, and expand the size of the clouds, which now are creating the storm. Before we consider a Hurricane to be a hurricane it goes through a series of phases of growing and maturing. We see a slight chance of a hurricane in a tropical disturbance, which is monitored. The tropical disturbance is only a thunderstorm that has a very mild cyclonic circulation. If the wind speeds during the disturbance, it increases between 23 and 39 mph. It is then classified as a tropical depression. This is considered phase 2. Phase 3 of the storm is another increasing increment of wind speeds between 40 and 73 mph, classifying the storm as a tropical storm. This is the last phase before the storm is considered a full, Hurricane with wind speeds greater than 74 miles per hour. The next procedure in this is the calculations of the hurricanes strength. The wind speed is a determining factor of the hurricane’s strength. It is based between category 1 and category 5. To determine where to place the Hurricane, we also need to know the flooding and slope of the storm. Category 1 is still intense, but it is less intense compared to category 5. Category 1’s wind speed is between 74 and 95 mph, and the storms surge (large wave of water) is 4 to 5 feet above normal. In this category, it typically is known to damage trees and mobile homes that are not mounted or tied down, and do cause some coastal flooding. Category 2 has 96 to 110 mph wind speed, surges of 6 to 8 feet, with damaging abilities of the roof, doors, windows, trees, and plants. It is also capable of damaging docks. Category 3 is 110 to 130 mph wind speed and surges of 9 to 12 feet; causing trees of various sizes to be blown down, flooding near shoreline, and also inland structural damage. Mobile homes are also destroyed in this category. In category 4, it has a winds speed of 139 to 155 mph, surge is of 13 to 18 feet, causing inland flooding of terrain, extreme doors and window damages, and extravagant damage of basements and lower level flooding near the shore. Category 5 is of wind speeds of more than 155 mph with a surge that is greater than 18 feet. This category is the strongest. Its flooding causes the lower levels of shoreline buildings to be severely damaged. The roofs during this category are completely not effective, and some major building failures occur. At this point evacuation is beyond necessary to do. The eye of the hurricane through all categories is the strongest part of the hurricane that causes the most damage. The media shows cone shaped track paths for hurricanes for the convenience of the people. It’s used to convince the people in the surrounding areas not to focus so much on the line, but more on the path of the eye. Hurricanes obtain their name alphabetically from the world meteorological organization. The first hurricane of the year starts with the letter A and continues on down the alphabet. The alternation of male and female names is available in the list of 21 names available for the year. Men names become in effect in 1978 because woman names were not so popular in naming deadly storms after them. There are not any names for Q, U, X, Y, and Z. If a storm is overly extreme in damages, then that name is retired and replaced with a new name, but different letter. A hurricane is similar to both a cyclone and Typhoon. The characteristics are similar, but a hurricane is stronger. A typhoon is a violent tropical cyclone that originates from the west Pacific where as the hurricanes are buy originate elsewhere. The cyclone has a low pressure and strong winds in rotation, while the hurricane is vise versa To prepare for a hurricane, you should create a checklist. On this checklist, make sure you have gathered important medical documentation, Social Security cards, birth certificates, GED/Diplomas, titles, deeds to property. Make sure you also take photos of special memories. Record a video or take photos of your property and carry that with you because this documentation will be needed for future insurance claims for damages. Designate a family member you will go to for refuge or hotel if need be. Carry extra clothing in case a shelter is where you’ll need to be residing at. Have battery stocked for the electric, because it may be out of days at a time. If you are staying on property go to the opposite side of house the storm is not doing much damage. Apply plywood if you know how to or if you can afford to have is installed prior to the hurricane season. Last but not least, if you have not yet evacuated before the storm truly does hit, stay inside. The aftermath effects of hurricanes on people in other states occur when hurricane victims begin to migrate to another state, causing economical effects; it also causes social effects and environmental effects. These are all broad effects that can go on and on in detail because if they are forced to leave where they were located and into an area with very little to no resources but now having to rely on the government. For the government, this means more money is needed by the government to support and provide for them. Which cutting out some of what the locals have would have to soon be in effect. The term tornado originated from a Spanish term ‘tronada’. It was altered into tornado around the 1620s. It was taken from a Latin term ‘tonare’, which means thunder. Tronada meant thunderstorm. A tornado is a strong wind that goes in circular motion creating a funnel shaped cloud which typically destroys everything in its path. Tornadoes are formed when sufficient instability and wind shear are both present on the lower level of the atmosphere. With the combination of the unusual instability a wind shear are combined in the atmosphere of increasingly strong winds. Between the Fujita scale and the Parson’s scale, they are both used for measuring a tornado. The Fajita scale is much more commonly used. It is more used for the intensity of a tornado while the Parson’s scale is based on the space that the tornado effects. Although in each classification of the Fajita scale things are damaged, the only difference in each classification is an approximate increase of wind speed in between 30 and 50 mph. The intensity of most tornados tends to stick between Gale and moderate which on the F-scale that is F0-F1 with wind speeds ranging between 40 – 112 mph. If ever it does get stronger, then typically, it reaches between significant and severs levels which are F2 and F3 with wind speeds ranging between 113 – 206 mph. Tornado season typically range from later April to mid August, with highs. Tornadoes generally hit the central part of the United States, such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Tornado season is typically in spring, summer, and part of the colder months going into winter season. A majority of the time they go the same counterclockwise direction, and without a doubt, they can and will go any other direction, but it is based on the location. Although tornados are very dangerous, a state that has the largest amount of tornadoes does not mean that it has the most injuries and deaths. Research showed from a study in 1993 of 1167 recorded tornadoes that only 16 were reported deaths. As ime goes on the 16 steadily decrease, because once reported by the National weather services of Tornado watches and warning that you have enough time to find shelter even if the tornado is actively growing above you. Another form of a tornado is called a waterspout. This is a mild tornado that occurs over water such as oceans and great lakes that carry heavy rain and thunderstorm that can still cause offshore and inland damage and injuries. Warning signs that a tornado may be appro aching is the color of the clouds, and climate outside. Rubbish or any other dirty particles flying strong outside. Another way to know if a Tornado is approaching is by the sounds of heavy water fall or strong winds. Lastly, which should be the most obvious is the funnel cloud beginning and collecting surrounding clouds. To prepare before a storm, devise a plan of shelter, if in certain situations. Do frequent drills (monthly is fine), know your city and keep a map to continue to follow the storm. Stock on batteries, invest in a NOAA weather radio with warning sounds, keep posted with the news reporting, and check with your counties emergency management center to help answer any other unanswered questions in regards to your safety during this storm. A safety procedure to follow during a tornado is mainly to find shelter. If you do not have a basement, dungeons, or any other underground shelter to seek refuge in, seek for shelter in an interior room or hall with lower floors, and position yourself under sturdy furniture. You must stay away from windows, doors, and automobiles. Don’t try to run from it in a vehicle. If you happen to be outside find a ditch and lay flat. If you are in a mobile home, it is strongly suggested that you evacuate from it. If you have any other concerns, you should contact weather emergency hotlines for your local area. A few major economic effects left after a tornado is loss of loved ones, and/or injuries not only to other, but yourself if you are there. Business slows down due to turmoil of what to do next. Government costs to repair and rebuild along with the cost to have emergency services and shelters in motion helping By creating a miniature tornado model, you slightly feel the forces against the container and watch the funnel and circular motion of the tornado. Though it is not like a real tornado, it gives an illusion of what is could possibly look like.

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The Short Stories Beginners By Raymond Carver - 933 Words

Love has no bounds it has the power to destroy or make you stronger. The short story Beginners written by Raymond Carver differentiates between different ideas about love by recollecting characters personal experiences. After reading, it becomes apparent that being in love makes one vulnerable. This venerability can either be looked at positive or negative characteristic. When the characters bring up their involvements with love it become clear that in all the situations the commonality is venerability. One character who specifically struggle with the idea of love inflicting vulnerability is Herb. As mentioned above vulnerability can be portrayed in both a positive and negative light. When one loves someone deeply they begin to find a sense of trust and security with that person. This new found trust typically causes both people to feel more dependent on another and to relinquish control over their hearts to their partner. Realizing that you can rely on someone who has your best interest in mind, can be a beautiful aspect of a relationship. In contrast, being vulnerable to someone can lead to great pain because at that point ones companion has power over your heart. If they choose to abuse that power then being defenseless towards that person can be terrifying. I believe that Herb has experienced the negative effects of being vulnerable because he has such a horrible experience with his previous wife he doesn’t want to vulnerable with Terri his current wife and it isShow MoreRelatedRaymond Carver1583 Words   |  7 PagesRaymond Carver (1938-1988) was a poet and a simp le realist writer of short stories. His prose addresses the average working-class citizen. Bill Mullen describes the book that contains the short story â€Å"What We Talk About We Talk About Love† to the â€Å"distinctly post-modern fate of contemporary working-class Americans† (Bloom). The writings are depressing and riddled with failures in life. The textbook calls his school of writing â€Å"Alcoholic Blue-Collar Minimalist Hyperrealism† (Bayam). This is evidentRead MoreThe Many Sides of Dr. Melvin R. McGinnis1475 Words   |  6 PagesRaymond Carvers short story â€Å"What We Talk About When We Talk About Love† leaves the reader feeling as if they have sat down at the table with a bottle of Gin and experienced first hand the effects of alcoholism and depression. In the original version of this story the â€Å"Beginners† Carver carefully crafts the many sides of an alcoholic personality developing strong knowable characters. The fundamental per sonalities are left fairly intact from the original version. It should be noted that the feelingsRead MoreIt’S Interesting How Everyone Has A Differing And Personal1659 Words   |  7 Pagesdog. Why is this question so hard to answer? I perceive love in a positive way but on the other hand Raymond perceives love differently. That’s okay because we all have different definitions. Throughout Raymond Carvers short stories he uses disconnection, distrust, and doubt to portray the idea that bad relationships and negative emotions can lead to misconceptions about love. In Carver’s story, â€Å"What We Talk about When We Talk about Love† he highlights the difficulties that can come with tryingRead MoreAnalysis Of Raymond Carver s Beginners 969 Words   |  4 Pages Defenseless Vulnerability is the key which unlocks the heart to someone else’s soul. The short story Beginners, written by Raymond Carver examines divergent views on love, by recollecting the characters personal experiences with it. After reading, it becomes apparent that being in love makes one vulnerable. This vulnerability can either be perceived as a positive or negative characteristic. When the characters bring up their involvements with love, it becomes clear that in all the situations the

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Rhetorical Analysis Of King s King - 1558 Words

I. Thesis: King brilliantly applies rhetorical strategies such as pathos, logos and ethos that are crucial in successfully influencing detractors of his philosophical views on civil disobedience. II. Topic Sentence: King uses logos to object the Clergymen s claim that the peaceful actions taken by the protestors precipitate violence. A. King proves that the Clergymen s assertion about his Civil Right Movements are illogical. King does it by relating their statement to the act of robbery. B. King states, â€Å"Isn’t this like condemning a robbed man because his possession of money precipitated the evil act of robbery?(King 5). C. King starts his argument by comparing the demonstration to the robbed man, which is a strong way to classify the victim. Based on the Clergymen s assertion, the robbed man is the criminal because of his possession of money precipitate crime. D. King aligns victim of the robbery with the African-American protestors demonstration to logically appeal to the readers that just because an action might trigger an illegal act, it does not mean that the action should be censured. Instead, the one who commits the crime should be punished. Similar the robbed man, the demonstrations should not be condemned because they precipitate violence. Not only since they are peaceful, but even if there is violence, only those who cause it should be penalized. E.Show MoreRelatedRhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King s Speech1460 Words   |  6 PagesAs we have been discussing, rhetorical analysis asks us to look not only at what a text says, or the meaning of the text, but also at how that meaning is created in the text. For this assignment, I want to challenge you to not just analyze the â€Å"ethos, pathos, and logos† of a text, but to delve deeply into how the text moves us to identify with its message, and to think, feel, or act in a specific way. One of the reason why this text became the most popular text of our century. First of the speakerRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of King George Vi s Speech1277 Words   |  6 Pagesspeech, King George VI’s speech that declared war on Germany before World War II was delivered during a time of chaos. Delivered by radio to his subjects, King George’s speech reached far and wide in order to persuade people to help stabilize the world before entering war. Although these two speeches were delivered during vastly different time periods, the message of unity remains the same as conveyed by the rhetoric used by both men. Ultimately, Catiline’s speech is more effective than King George’sRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King s Speech1018 Words   |  5 PagesOn August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood in front of hundreds of thousands of people on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered his influential â€Å"I Have a Dream† speech. Ki ng, a significant figure in the Civil Rights Movement, ignited activists across the nation that day as he encouraged and inspired his supporters to protest the injustice African-Americans experienced in their environment. Dr. King’s speech, efficacious for the use of rhetorical devices to demonstrate the necessityRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr. s I Have A Dream 1132 Words   |  5 PagesMartin Luther King Jr. was the man who wrote the speech entitled â€Å"I have a dream† and presented it to nearly 250,000 people on August 23, 1963. In that speech, MLK Jr. used several different types of figurative language/rhetorical devices in order to convey his message to the people on a deeper level. These devices include personification, allusion, symbolism, hyperbole, metaphor, simile, and anaphora. Personification is a form of figurative language in which something has nonhuman human qualitiesRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr s Letter From Birmingham Jail1499 Words   |  6 Pagesgenre, and rhetorical situation. When reading critically we become acquainted with these concepts therefore become better writers ourselves. While learning about rhetorical writing and composition we have analyzed Billy Collins â€Å" Commencement Address at Choate- Rosemary Hall† , Martin Luther King Jr’s â€Å"letter from Birmingham Jail† and Lloyd Bitzer’s essay on â€Å"Rhetorical Situation†. In this paper I will analyze and make connections between the concepts of audience, genre and rhetorical situationRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. s I Have A Dream 1448 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen spoken than those uttered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s, â€Å"I have a dream,† speech. Perhaps one of the most f amous and paradigm shifting speeches in all of history, Dr. King’s was spoken with candor, authenticity, fervor, and an enormous amount of tact. With his incredible intelligence and eloquence as a doctorate in Theological Studies, his establishment as such a respected leader, and his fervor and charisma in delivering the speech, Dr. King effectively established Logos, Ethos and most importantlyRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr. s Letter From A Birmingham Jail873 Words   |  4 PagesAfter criticism from eight Alabama clergymen for his nonviolent demonstrations, Martin Luther King Jr. was compelled to enlighten them on the current issues plaguing the African American community. During his confinement in a Birmingham jail, King wrote Letter from a Birmingham Jail to address most of the clergymen s concerns about his protest. In his letter, King emphasized why his actions were not unwise or untimely and explained that now was the perfect moment to act. His s tudies and sermonsRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr s Letter From Birmingham Jail1831 Words   |  8 PagesPersuasive writing is most effective when all three rhetorical appeals, Logos, Pathos, and Ethos, come together to form an indisputable argument. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X are two of the most influential figures of the past few decades; similarly, their work is summarized as some of the most persuasive and controversial of all time. The audience of both of their pieces, â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail† and â€Å"The Ballot or the Bullet† include oppressed African Americans and the white oppressorsRead MoreRhetorical Analysis of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s I Have A Dream Speech915 Words   |  4 Pages Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his I Have a Dream speech to the thousands of African Americans who had marched on Washington, D.C. at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. The date of the speech was August 28, 1963, but it is one that will live for generations. Of course his purpose was to convince his audience on several fronts: he sought to persuade the black community to stand up for the rights afforded them under the Constitution, and he also sought to Read MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail1052 Words   |  5 PagesHow serious the racial discrimination is? A Rhetorical Analysis of Letter From Birmingham Jail It is known to all that Martin Luther King is a famous person in America, who strongly goes against the racial discrimination all the time. Here, in this letter, Letter from Birmingham Jail, it is easy for us to realize that racial discrimination appears and the non-violence action is still serious at that time. As a matter of fact, this letter is coming from the people in the Birmingham jail, stating their