Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Science and Society Essay Example for Free

knowledge and Society EssayScience has come a long appearance since the existence of man. It made several breakthroughs that made life on earth more convenient and profitable. Science has advanced knowledge and applications in medicine, transportation, environment, space, technology and others. More so, it has provided solutions to many problems of mankind as easily as offered opportunities that have enhanced the purpose of man on earth. But all of these would not be accomplishable if humans have not utilized their capability to innovate and discover new things. In the neo society, majority of the people became highly dependent on science to help them navigate their lives. Without science, people would be at lost in the complexities of the world Moreover, it is a fact that science has influenced how humans live, interact and think. It has change state an indicator of a countrys power and wealth. Because of this, global leaders strive to develop science in their give territ ory to gain worldwide status as a powerhouse nation. More so, having citizens who are well versed in science would be very advantageous for any country in achieving learning and success.Also, in the saying two heads are better than one, suggests that the greater the number of people who are touch in the process, the more likely that the result would be notable and substantial. In this case, many minds can sum to the amplification of scientific knowledge that can be of general significance. As a result, their outputs can gift a contemporary understanding of the relationship between science and society and cultivate a topnotch quality of existence and a

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